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True sustainability is giving back

We all agree that minimising waste is great for the planet, but true sustainability shouldn’t just be about reducing harm to the environment, it should create a positive impact.


At BioFab we’ve singled out one of the worst non-compostable offenders, polystyrene, and come up with a replacement product that works just as well, without the landfill or toxicity. Made from agricultural waste and eco-friendly mycelium – the vegetative part of mushrooms – our biomaterial comes from the earth and safely returns to the earth, providing a timely and highly innovative breakthrough for the construction and packaging industries.

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How does it work?

If you take a close look at mould growing on a piece of bread, you may notice that it’s composed of very small threads, similar to those in a spider’s web. These threads are mycelium.


Mycelium form the root system of a mushroom. It grows by releasing enzymes to breakdown the surrounding material then absorbs the available nutrients through the processes of diffusion and active transport. Mycelium is a raw material in abundance in every continent and it forms the solid backbone of the sustainable technology we call BioComposite.

High performance

Mushroom mycelium fungi composite is flame resistance, hydrophobic, scalable and rigorously tested. That means BioComposite offers a similar performance to polystyrene, without the toxicity or waste.

Custom designed

Bio Fab’s growers and industry specialists can custom-make mycelium packaging or insulation according to a variety of performance criteria, at accessible pricing.

Home compostable

Many so-called compostable products must be commercially composted –facilities that few people have access to. Our product is home compostable. Put it on a compost pile or simply bury it – it will decompose with zero toxicity.

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