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About BioFab NZ

At BioFab we’ve singled out one of the worst non-compostable offenders, polystyrene, and come up with a replacement product that works just as well, without the landfill or toxicity.


Made from agricultural waste and eco-friendly mycelium – the vegetative part of mushrooms – our biomaterial comes from the earth and safely returns to the earth, providing a timely and highly innovative breakthrough for the construction and packaging industries.


Our Mission

BioFab’s goal is to significantly reduce the harm toxic materials are causing to the planet and encourage a world where waste streams regenerate, rather than destroy our natural environment

About Our Packaging

Custom designed

We can customise our mycelium packaging according to your product specifications at accessible pricing

Home compostable

Many so-called compostable products must be commercially composted –facilities that few people have access to. Our product is home compostable. Put it on a compost pile or simply bury it – it will decompose with zero toxicity

High performance

Fungi composite is flame-resistant, hydrophobic, scalable, and rigorously tested. That means BioComposite offers similar performance to polystyrene, without its negative impact on the environment